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This Guy Turned An Old Wine Barrel Into A Thing Of Beauty…For Whiskey!

This is basically me when I walk through a winery’s barrel room.

Every barrel has a story to tell — about the wine it holds, the years it’s been aging, the winemaker that filled it…

But when Redditor Kossu saw that a woman was selling some old wine barrels on Craigslist, rather than honor their past, he decided to give them a new, brighter future. What he dreamed up for their reincarnation is still pretty boozy, but it’s also entirely awesome.

This was the barrel he bought — as you can see, it was pretty grungy.

In an effort to clean the wood, he labeled the pieces and took the barrel apart.

Yeah…this needs some work.

After a good amount of sanding and cleaning…

The wood was looking much better!

After Kossu put the barrel back together, he tried to figure out where he would split it in half to become a table.

But without an obvious spot, he took the barrel apart AGAIN.

Then, he started gluing the thing together…yep, again.

This time, though, he only did half.

Reddit / Kossu

This way, he didn’t really have to split the wood.

Using a saw, he cut the bands in half.

The remaining bands were added and the barrel really started to come together.

“I did not want to stain such old and beautiful oak, so I went with a wax and oil finish without any color added,” Kossu noted.

Finally, it was time to make the legs…he cut his first design try out of an oak kitchen countertop.

But after two more tries, this was the style he liked the best.

He tested out a temporary piece of glass as the top…

And then cut the real deal to match the lines of the barrel.

The best part? He chose to store whiskey bottles inside!

Kossu says that his dad has the other wine barrel table, so that half didn’t go to waste. Much like wine, barrels should never go unused!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/wine-barrel-remake/

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This Guy Turned An Old Wine Barrel Into A Thing Of Beauty…For Whiskey!

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