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This Boy Didn’t Know The Gun Was Loaded. That’s When A Simple Game Turned Deadly.

So many people remember playing games like “cops and robbers” when they were little.

For many children, this kind of wholesome fun provides a good alternative to sitting on the couch or playing video games. Depending on the child’s age and how hot it is outside, it can even be fun to incorporate toys like water guns into the experience. But it should go without saying that children should never have access to real firearms. That’s what happened to one family, and now one of their children is gone.

According to CNN, a 10-year-old boy was playing “cops and robbers” with his 14-year-old brother and another child when the younger one picked up a rifle in the home.

Tragically, the boy didn’t know that a round was still in the chamber.

The bullet hit the older brother and killed him at the scene. Their father owned the rifle and it was easily accessible to the children.

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