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They Look Like Typical Beggars…Til You Read Their Signs And Realize They’re Far From It.

If I passed these people on the street, I would give them all of the money I had. On Reddit, pictures of unique pan handlers were posted… and the Internet fell in love with them. They aren’t normal homeless people on the street, begging for money. These people are housed, loved and well-employed. They’re simply asking for money for others.

The Passage’s goal is to help the homeless.

They provide services to the homeless like meals, showers, shelter and counseling.

Last year, they spent millions funding their charitable organization.

These unique requests for donations are helping to fund their wonderful organization.

This kindness goes a long way. We should all do our part.

Help them help the homeless, visit The Passage.org.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/charity/

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