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These Works Of Snapchat Art Put Your Snaps To Shame.

Snapchat is an app that seems pretty useless. It’s just an app the sends pictures that you can draw on that only last a couple of seconds before they are wiped off the face of the world. If you are quick enough though, you have the opportunity to screen-shot the snap and luckily some artists have had their works saved and now we get to see them.


Good, because I hate Mondays.

Sweet vacation pic!

Happy Halloween.

You look afraid of the idea of your prince coming.

It’s evil!

Back to South Park.

Oh Gos.

Ariel, you look different.

What a way to ask someone out.


Pun intended.

You bastards!

Quit clowning around.

Go, Go Power Rangers!

Snapchat artist.

Let me get my magic carpet.

Clever girl…

That’s sweet of him.

Because I’m still at work.


Best buds.

Poor guy.

That’s Mr. Peanut to you.

Nice manicure!

Show me your booty.


Wow, those people have a LOT of time on their hands. Holy cow. It is both inspiring and kind of depressing. Depressing because they aren’t being paid for their amazing work!

Read more: http://viralnova.com/snapchat-art/

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These Works Of Snapchat Art Put Your Snaps To Shame.

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