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These Death Masks Let You See What Historical Figures Actually Looked Like. Is That Isaac Newton Or Robin Williams?

Death masks are molds of deceased people’s faces that were cast following their death. They can be made from wax, plaster, and bronze (among other things). The masks date all the way back to ancient Egypt. Their popularity has decreased over the years, perhaps because of the easy access many of us have to cameras and definitely because it’s really weird to have some dead person’s head on display in your living room. As creepy as they are, they do provide us with something other than nightmares: an accurate representation of what a person looked like. Check out what that means for some of the most famous and powerful men the world has ever seen!

1. Leo Tolstoy

2. Abraham Lincoln

3. Alfred Hitchcock

4. Alfred Nobel

5. Benjamin Franklin

6. Voltaire

7. Isaac Newton

8. James Joyce

9. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

10. John Keats

11. Vladimir Lenin

12. Samuel Morse

13. Ludwig Van Beethoven

14. Woodrow Wilson

15. Napoleon Bonaparte

16. Nikola Tesla

(via: Reddit) Maybe we should think about implementing a similar thing for dating websites. No more trying to figure out if those profile pictures were the only five times the person looked good in their lives, just one dating mask (cast at 7 AM on a Monday morning) for you to base your decision on. Share this post using the button below.

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