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Police Searched Her Property After Disturbing Reports And Found A Baby’s Skeleton

In July 2015, now-43-year-old Michelle Frances Roberts from Chesterfield County, Virginia, told her relatives that she was going to give birth to a baby boy in September or October of that year.

But when December rolled around and Robert no longer appeared to be pregnant and there was no baby, the mother of Danny Coppola, Roberts’ boyfriend, went to police with her suspicions about what may have happened to the unborn child.

In 2016, detectives obtained a warrant to search her property for “any evidence associated with the delivery and death of a newborn child whether alive or deceased”. They didn’t leave empty-handed.

Forensic investigators uncovered the skeletal remains of a fetus in Roberts’ backyard that had been there for five to six months.

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Roberts was charged and then indicted with producing an abortion or miscarriage, which is a class 4 felony. “The investigation indicates the incident took place during the third trimester of pregnancy,” a Chesterfield Police spokesperson said.

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