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Life Would Be Way More Picturesque With These Instagram Filters.

I don’t know about you, but Instagram feels a little…lacking lately. I just want more out of the photo sharing app than the same ole filters over and over again. A person gets really bored of all that Valencia and X-Pro II after so many selfies. And it looks like the good folks over at Elite Daily agree. They proposed some amazing upgrades and cooked up these GIFs to showcase how much better life would look through these lenses. I would use every single one of these in a heartbeat.

1. Orangina: Gives your cliché sunset photo the perfect hue.

2. Instatan: No more relying on Kelvin to give you a nice tan.

3. HGH: Let’s you skip the gym and still look good.

4. D.A.R.E.: Changes any alcoholic beverage to a wholesome can of TaB.

5. Petroselinum: Classes up your typical #foodstagram with some parsley.

6. Magrobraccio: Slim down your arms without doing that cliché arm-on-hips pose.

7. Juggalo: Slap some clown makeup on all your friends.

8. Blacklight: Find out how many germs lurk in your selfie.

9. Wayfarer: Everyone looks cooler in Ray Bans. Everyone.

10. Frankfurt: Never make your friends ask the question, “Legs or hot dogs?” again.

11. Beverly Hills: Tweaks little parts of your looks in a way that, combined, looks slightly terrifying (just like “real” housewives).

12. Vogue: Allows a professional photographer to edit your pics and only costs $1.99 per use.

13. Cave Painting: See how your ancestors would have depicted you way, way, waaaay back in the day.

14. Milan: Adds designer labels to every item of clothing in the photo.

15. Counterfeit: Transforms any money into a higher denomination so you can make it rain…sort of.

16. Dos Equis: Instantly makes your lame pic way more interesting.

(via Elite Daily) Ball’s in your court, Instagram. Share the filtered fun with your friends using the link below!

Read more: http://viralnova.com/instagram-filters/

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