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Here’s How You Make A Very Old Dog Extremely Happy. This Is Awesome.

Watching your beloved pets age can be heartbreaking. You see them transform from playful puppy to arthritic senior, but still keep the same passionate love for playing. Unfortunately, that jumping around can hurt them as they get older. That’s why this dachshund’s owner did something awesome to help out his canine friend.

Meet George. He’s a loving pet, but an older fella. The Dachshund was having trouble getting around so his awesome owner decided to help him a bit.

He wasn’t a carpenter, but he did his best to construct ramps around the house.

He didn’t want George to put any extra strain on his back, if possible.

He even made sure could get up into bed for nightly cuddles.

Needless to say, George loved it. 🙂

I’m not sure who is luckier… George or his owner!


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