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He Turned A Rusty, Old Cargo Van Into An Epic Camping Mobile

Here at ViralNova, we’re no strangers to seeing people take old, rusted-out cars, ripping their innards out, and giving them a completely new look. Somehow, each new van remodel is more amazing than the last. And Reddit user VAN-Wilder‘s cargo-van-turned-Adventuremobile does not disappoint.

It all started with this 2006 Ford van that he bought on Craigslist.

The floors were rusted, but that would be easily remedied.

After ripping out all the stuff inside, VAN-Wilder got to work.

An angle grinder made quick work of the rusting.

He laid down a coat of primer.

And then painted the floor.

Runners were glued down with liquid nails — they would serve as the surface for the flooring to rest upon.

Then came the insulation.

OSB plywood went down on top.

Because the thing had seen some wear and tear over the years, VAN-Wilder had to patch up holes here and there.

More insulation on the walls meant this van would be ready for anything.

After he cut a hole out of the van’s side, he placed a propane tank inside and sealed it up with a hinged door.

He had a high top roof made for the van — this was crucial…

Reddit / VAN-Wilder

It meant he had six feet, five inches of standing room!

He cut out a hole in said new roof to add a fan for circulation.

He measured, cut, and put down Lonseal heavy-duty flooring.

Luan plywood was added to all the walls and the bed frame was finally built and installed!

Of course, you can’t have an epic camper van without power to operate your sound system and kitchen appliances.

Solar panels help, too.

Let there be light!

He has a working burner, refrigerator, and sink.

The bed has plenty of storage underneath it.

A privacy curtain went up for all those overnights he has planned.

There’s even enough room for his surfboard!

This is incredible!

All in all, it took VAN-Wilder about four months to make his camper. If you’d like to see the whole tutorial, check it out here. You can also follow along with his adventures on his Instagram.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/camper-van-remodel/

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He Turned A Rusty, Old Cargo Van Into An Epic Camping Mobile

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