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While Running In The Mountains, He Found A Lost Lamb — What He Did Warmed My Heart

6. Line your sidewalk with these bad boys when the sun goes down and let guests bask in your crafting glory. Dream a Little Bigger 7. Nothing says “red, white, and I don’t give a damn” quite like this simple fruit salad. Wit and Whistle 8. Make sangria. Gallons of it. Fill your swimming pool.
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It’s that time of the year, folks. The major department stores are decking their halls even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. The holiday cheer is in the air with the help of festive decorations, yummy snacks, and, of course, the extra-special need to spread joy and happiness to others. However, those decorations and snacks
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Weight-loss stories never cease to inspire and amaze me. The amount of dedication and effort it takes for people to shed all of those extra pounds is nothing short of incredible. But there is one man who stands out to me, and that’s because his story is so special.

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